[Report] Fedora 18 Release Party

A great event with nice and involved people. On February 9th, with Alessandro Lorenzi, we spent a day with PescaraLUG‘s guys (http://www.pescaralug.org/).
They are organizing 9 free courses, principally based on Fedora. So, we were happy to organize a Fedora18 Release Party with them!

The event took place at Museum “Vittoria Colonna” in Pescara, in a beautiful location in front of the sea. We presented the new features of “Spherical cow” and then, we talked about the Project and the way to partecipate and contribute to our community.

We have free gadgets for the participants and a “USB station” for installing Fedora on a USB stick.
We had about 30 participants both newbes and experts. They asked information about virtualization or installation problems due to UEFI. They also asked opinions about the new Anaconda’s UI. After a break with buffet with continuos live questions and answers, I introduced the Project, the teams and the life into the Community.
The event ended only ‘cause the Museum was closing!
After that, we came back to the hotel and we enjoyed a good dinner with the participants with pizza, “arrosticini”, meat and good red wine!

On sunday morning we come back to Milan with the train.
This was a great experience with the great community of PescaraLUG and I hope that this was only the first of a long long series.

Here you can find my photos: http://denebinside.trovebox.com/photos/album-6/list



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